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GIS 0270: Human Terrain Analysis

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This three day course will increase awareness of Human Terrain Analysis (HTA) and the spatially referenced social layer- focusing on the quantitative methods of exploring and modeling such data. Students gain an appreciation for the complexities of spatial data transformation, spatial statistics, and the mapping of social data at different scales of space, time, and complexity. The course will further promote critical thinking about how different forms of spatial data can be integrated in research and human inquiry. This course also provides an introduction to the tools* available for exploratory analysis of spatially referenced social data; the variety of models for representing spatial dependency and variation; and strikes a balance between theoretical approaches to spatial data analysis and practical spatial data analysis.

Students, without the requirement of previous analytical experience will learn HTA and the requisite skills of HTA, such as the computation of spatial dependency (spatial autocorrelation), local indicators of spatial autocorrelation (spatial heterogeneity), modeling of key social and cultural variables (regression analysis), and modeling the critical social and cultural landscape(s) (spatial regression modeling & geographically weighted regression).

*Tools: ArcGIS Desktop and GeoDa

Prerequisite is GIS 0110.

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    Courses are offered in a three-day seminar format. Classes can be taken individually to strengthen your working knowledge or as part of the certificate program to enhance your career development. Certificate and non-certificate students are awarded 1 CEU (Continuing Education Unit) per ten hours of successful classroom participation. It is possible to complete the certificate in 4 to 36 months. Tailored seminars taught on your premises can be arranged through the Program Manager.

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    This course is part of the Geographic Information Systems certificate program. It may also be taken alone without pursuing a certificate.

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    • Intelligence Analysts
    • Geospatial Intelligence Analysts
    • Social Scientists
    • Spatial Scientists
    • Geographers and cartographers
    • Computer scientists and engineers
    • Planners and environmental scientists
    • Law enforcement officers or administrators
    • Crime analysts or coordinators
    • Database and system administrators
    • EMS and first response professionals
    • Public health administrators
    • Application specialists
    • People interested in changing careers

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