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GIS 0370: Public Health & Analysis

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Public Health professionals are responsible for protecting the population's health and providing essential human services. This role is taking on significant importance as we consider increased risks from events such as emerging infectious diseases or the release of biological agents. Geography is the common denominator across all the various data used and the spatial relationship between events, locations, or processes in public health analysis. Public Health & Analysis will examine GIS applications and how the technology can be used as an effective tool in public health decision-making. This course will look at the numerous applications of GIS in public health, key organizations, sources of data and additional tools. Government regulations that affect the use and sharing of health data on individuals will also be considered.

Prerequisite is GIS 0110.

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    Courses are offered in a three-day seminar format. Classes can be taken individually to strengthen your working knowledge or as part of the certificate program to enhance your career development. Certificate and non-certificate students are awarded 1 CEU (Continuing Education Unit) per ten hours of successful classroom participation. It is possible to complete the certificate in 4 to 36 months. Tailored seminars taught on your premises can be arranged through the Program Manager.

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    This course is part of the Geographic Information Systems certificate program. It may also be taken alone without pursuing a certificate.

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    • Computer scientists and engineers
    • Geographers and cartographers
    • Planners and environmental scientists
    • Application specialists
    • People interested in changing careers
    • Law enforcement officers and administrators
    • Crime analysts and coordinators
    • Database and system administrators
    • EMS and first response professionals
    • Public health administrators

    Lee De Cola, PhD

    Lee De Cola has a BA in mathematics and a master of city planning, both from the University of California, Berkeley, and a PhD in geography from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a research scientist at the U.S. Geological Survey studying the landscape epidemiology of vector-borne diseases and multiscale space/time technologies for distributing public health information over the Internet. As a consultant or researcher he has published on spatial demand for health services, world urbanization, feature extraction from imagery, map generalization, multiscale spatial analysis, knowledge management, and health risk forecasting. Lee has taught the Universities of Boston, West Virginia, Ibadan, Southern California, and Vermont, and he is currently an adjunct professor at George Mason University. Dr. De Cola is qualified to teach Public Health Administration and Analysis and Spatial Statistics & Geostatistical Analysis.

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